A Divine Image

Cruelty has a human heart,
And Jealousy a human face;
Terror the human form divine,
And Secresy the human dress.

The human dress is forged iron,
The human form a fiery forge,
The human face a furnace sealed,
The human heart its hungry gorge.

-William Blake

Presenting “BITE THE HAND” — The first HD Short Film from STRIKE A POSE!!! Films.


This jagged, hard-boiled thriller is about an aging hit man named Jack (Paul R. Sieber) who one day grows a conscience and decides to quit his blood-drenched career. But old connections just won’t die. Jack rejects his final and most detestable assignment: Annihilate the wife and daughters of a monstrous, power-mad client. Now he’s a contract killer turned target by his former organization, and it’s boss: the mysterious Mr. Callahan (John C. Bailey).

Jack takes his quest for redemption a step further by knocking off the child-murdering, psychopathic replacement killer, Ken Bayowitz (Dan Mascarello, Lead Fight Choreographer) in a brutal, no-holds barred action sequence. Enraged by his old friend’s disobedience, Mr. Callahan hires a young former soldier to end Jack’s rebellion. Jack knows someone is coming, but he has no idea that the new recruit, Red (Jay Saunders) is a starving bloodhound sent straight from hell with nothing to lose.

Bite the Hand is a intense, short drama centered on the theme of lost souls with nothing left to lose; killing for a living, and finally realizing there’s always a choice–even under the influence of the most tyrannical authority.

The film is intended for festival circulation, international distribution, and as a “pitch project” for future productions.

The story, conceived by Tom Murphy and Dylan Hintz, started as a humble “two guys in a room trying to shoot each other” hardboiled semi-action flick, and evolved into the dramatic tale it is today- a darkly humorous mediation on the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and killing to live.

Habib Awan serves as Executive Producer and Director of Photography. Under his belt are credits as cinematographer on local Maryland crime-dramas Jack’d Up and All in the Game.