Principle Wrapped

Just this past weekend, Bite the Hand wrapped principle photography!

As a bit of documentation, here’s a breakdown of the schedule we went through to finish this project:

  • 3 Nights Principle Interior Shooting at the main location (third night shorter, second night included an “on the water” shot)
  • 1 Day Shooting in Downtown Silver Spring: Bars, Metro Station, Streets, and a Parking Garage
  • 1 Night Shooting at Gilbert’s Indoor Gun Range in Rockville (thanks for your support, guys!)

The Prop Card- Callahan's Bizniz (Convention Promo Item)


  • 1 Night Shooting at Secondary Location (A second mansion!) for the “final” scene
  • 1 Night returning to main location for exteriors and the Sniper scene
  • 1 Day Shooting the Bayowitz vs. Jack Fight Scene
  • TOTAL: 8 Days Principle with an estimated running time of 20 Minutes or Less (Not cut for festivals)

These shoot days were completed between July 8th and August 21st 2011.

Jay Saunders gearing up for his mission as RED, the would-be Bad Ass Hero

So here’s a stat breakdown factoring in budget and locations:

  • 9 + locations in the film: Originally only 4
  • Expanded cast: Originally 4 cast members expanded to about 12
  • Added production value including a Rolls Royce, more weapons and props than originally planned, an extra “fight scene”, but in sacrifice potentially of a gunfight.
  • Hired a brilliant production coordinator to make sure all of this got done!

    The Wall o' Death- look closely and you might see yourself or someone you love!

  • No major weather conflicts (IE we didn’t get rained out once, in spite of the weather channel saying otherwise.

There’s plenty other more solid information I could include, but I am going to just belay that in favor of getting to rough cutting scenes for our editor to start looking at for post production purposes.

We have a LOT of material to work with, some things were lost, and some things were added.  A great first learning experience for almost all of those involved, and hopefully some of the more veteran cast and crew members had fun too!

On a personal note, I knew I was going to make something again someday. But I never believed BITE THE HAND would be as great as its starting to look. It’s literally been nearly two years since I directed/produced anything narrative¬† and fiction based, and this is the biggest project I have ever done. It was a struggle at times, the stress was crazy, but the footage and results are almost in, and I fully believe in Bite the Hand.

This flick has quite a bit of that movie magic needed to get itself into festivals and, hopefully, put the names out there of some fabulous talents such as:

Jay Saunders, Paul R. Sieber, Daniel Lee Mascarello, John C. Bailey, Brian Dettling, Robert Moroney, W. Tyr Rollins, Delano Walters, Dominique Spencer, Kwame Heade, Allan Kane and Gary Ugarek, and all the other cast members, as well as our fantastic crew (half of which is in the cast!- we don’t mess with that union nonsense in DC!)

Stunt Man Dan- Fight Choreographer, and CREEPY BADGUY EXTRAORDIANAIRE!

Post will hopefully conclude by the end of October. We have pickups, ADR, and editing to complete, among other tasks. For now, we’ll put up a gallery of some images from the final day of shooting. Please be sure to check out our page on Facebook for more frequent updates, as well as share us with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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