Principle Production Begins Today!

It’s official, friends and fans! BITE THE HAND, rain or shine, is going into production today!

Our first three BIG shooting days at our gorgeous location will secure the majority of the script, with the intense cat-and-mouse gunfight and dialogue battle between JACK (Paul R. Sieber) and RED (Jay Saunders) figuring into the movie as our dramatic centerpieces!


And now for my long-awaited pump up speech for the cast and crew:



It’s been a long, long, and arduous road. When Cinematographer Habib Awan and I became friends on the set of the long-lost horror movie “The Graveyard”, we discussed the potential of shooting a short. We had no idea at the time what that goal would turn into:

  • A movie with a budget bigger than my bank account (not hard to do, admittedly!)
  • PROFESSIONAL, Awesome, and well-known (and loved!) actors!
  • An incredible main location and high-end production values!
  • A ton of community and fan support!
  • The ever increasing adrenaline rush as a result of panic and dictatorial authority!

This is the first website for a movie such as this from Strike a Pose!!! Films as well as Habib’s own production company. Something bigger than my usual backyard mini-dv flick. We’re putting real money where our mouths are. We never gave up, and our loved ones and friends opened up to us and offered us never-ending support.

I never thought things would go this well, so something is bound to slip up- but whatever! With our cast, crew, and gear at the ready, I know we are going to face any challenge that comes our way, and then take our original ideas to even greater heights!

It’s all in the details, folks. We’ve got a ton. I assure you- this project will be one to watch! Because even if we just put the two incredible leads in a room and shot from one angle, it’d be a pretty fun and intense ride. But we’ve got so much more- great lighting and sound gear from dedicate friends and colleagues, not to mention people that know how to use them, inspirational speeches from local mentors, some really great original props, and a heck of a lot of fiya-powah both in front of and behind the screen.

So thank you, all the contributors, all the fans, all the teachers, all my family (and especially my girl!), all my friend’s families, all of our crew, all of our cast, and the supportive location owner’s we’ve been fortunate enough to meet! We couldn’t have done this without you, and no matter what happens past this point, I am so unbelievably proud that Habib and everyone else I’ve worked with have come this far. I’d be satisfied even if our cars kerploaded on the way down to the shoot and we didn’t get a single thing done! Hey- at least we got the teaser…at least we got that. Oh- and our completely-raised-and-then-some IndieGoGo budget!

One last group of people I’d like to thank: They Naysayers. “It’s too hard. It’s too time consuming. You’ll go broke. What’s the point? You don’t have any idea what you’re getting into. Our movie was a nightmare, why would you bother?”

Why am I bothering? I’ll tell you why- because right now, at this time, this is what I’m supposed to do. This is my life. We set out to do something, and up until now we did IT. We will do IT. It feels right. It is right, and it’s brought me some of the happiest memories and successes on a personal level I’ve ever felt. Some fantastic new professional relationships I’ve never thought I’d gain. An incredible journey wherein I’ve met icons, heroes, and legends. And all I want to do from here on out is spread that feeling to everyone I know, and those who will work with me, both ahead of and behind me in my career.

Whatever happens from here on out- the last 8 months of planning and production were worth it.

Now, let’s make a movie!

~Dylan Hintz- Director of BITE THE HAND

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