IndieGoGo Fundraiser is Live!

So it’s taken us some time, but we’ve finally started our own IndieGoGo account for BITE THE HAND. Our estimated budget? $5,000 US. For a short film of this caliber, that’s really not that much. We’ve already raised $1,500 from a small handful of investors, and that’s paid for the majority of our equipment, but now we need YOU the fans to help out with the basic expenses: Food, Gas, Travel and Lodging, Locations, and Practical Effects Props such as breakable items (furniture) or stunt works like body-burns and high falls.

Click the Image to Find the Campaign!

We are offering perks for the first 100 or so donators: anything from DVDs, to Posters, T-Shirts, walk on roles, and IMDB credits! 10% of profits or exceeded budget goes to charity, and everything else will be used to fund this film and other future projects for this crew!

Please feel free to share the drive with others! We have until July 3rd to raise what we need, but if we don’t get it all it will STILL be mega-helpful in our quest towards making an incredible short film! Thanks!


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