New Characters and New Portraits

Hey fans of Bite the Hand!

Your director is here to dish out some more teaser and promotional stills to check out in association with our project.

After giving these bad boys a look, don’t you think our project could be pretty bad ass? I do, and if you agree with us, head on over to our IndieGoGo page to see how you can help support this awesome project!


We’ve got some new characters to introduce: Our new gunsmiths Rob Moroney and Brian Dettling.

Rob Moroney (LEFT), a local standup comedian and all around good guy, jumped on our promotional fundraiser wagon and donated an ample portion to secure his place as a Co-Producer on BITE THE HAND.

Brian (RIGHT), who is already doing so much for us as Weapons and Property Master from Stage Armament Solutions, has provided us also with some funds and have worked his way into the credits also as an Associate Producer. The much deserved walk-on roles are just the tip of their compensation, but believe you me- it really benefits us as we know these guys will add a moment of comic relief to a very dark and brutal project!
I also should announce our visual effects will now be handled by Joel Loukus, who I had the pleasure of working with on a new web series called THE BRIDGE. Be sure to check it out on it’s Vimeo Channel and Facebook Page!

Our official production date will be announced soon. Expect to see some behind-the-scenes videos and pictures coming soon as well!

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