Cast Crew and Production Updates

Hey Fans of BTH! Only a little over a week until production, and we’ve got some HUGE updates to announce!

First off, I’d like to make a big, big announcement of the executive variety: Bite the Hand now officially has a second Executive Producer, one Mr. Scott Torwalt, who has provided us with some key funds via our IndieGoGo fundraiser. Scott is the owner of Last Ride Digital Video, and the mastermind behind the upcoming independent film and vignette series “ARCH-ANGEL“, costarring our lead Paul Sieber in a demonic, villainous role!

So please check out his project via it’s website and Facebook page! We know it’s going to be awesome!

In the mean time, one of our biggest announcements yet: Wanna see the location we’ve chosen to host BITE THE HAND? Check this promotional image out!

We can’t show you more than that for now, but believe you me- the interior is just as gorgeous, if not more so than the interior. Should be a fun place for Jack and Red to have their intense gun-battle in!

Thanks to Scott and various other donators, we have, with over a week to spare, REACHED OUR GOAL FOR OUR INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISER! We can always use more, (and have 4 days left!) but thanks to everyone who has donated their funds to help ensure our project reaches it’s max potential! In fact, we’ve already exceeded it by 35 dollars!

Because we’ve been adding some new scenes, three incredible talents have been offered to join the cast,  as a small gang that will harass and bully our lead, RED in an early scene, only to piss off the ex-soldier and find that his bite might be worse than his bark! The cast and crew welcomes Delano Walters, Kelvin Page, and Dominique Spencer!

We are still looking for a “Trophy Wife” character (needed by next Tuesday) to shoot one additional scene, as well as provide a lovely face for a family portrait! We also need a 6-10 year old girl to play one of the daughters.

Also, we have bulked up the power behind our crew: Local legendary producer ROBERT ZIEGLER (Garden of Hedon, Jebediah) has joined the crew as a production coordinator/consultant to make sure this project kicks serious ass! (That is to say, on time, and with minimal hiccups!)


Finally, we should happily announce some of our newest sponsors to our Fundraiser:

Delano Walters, Carole Hachem (Associate Producer!), Erika Walters, The McClung Family, Kelcy Adamec, and local screenwriter Mitch Klein have all chipped in to help ensure we reached our budget on time! Couldn’t have done it without the support, guys and girls!

One last note: if you haven’t checked it out yet, we released another teaser video, originally exclusive to IndieGoGo fans, demonstrating a new piece of equipment our stunt coordinator Dan Mascot Mascarello has been working on for us:

Alright fans, time’s up on this blogpost! Now it’s time for the cast and crew to break a leg and get this movie made for you!

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