BTH in the Press: Blue Lotus Magazine

Recently our little Indy film was featured in DC pop culture magazine and internet site BLUE LOTUS MAGAZINE. Not even finished with pre-production, Blue Lotus took interest in our film, came to us and asked if they could share our movie with the world. We definitely appreciate their support!

They also have provided us with a promotional article and a wonderful new synopsis of our own story, which we’d love to share with you:

“Strike a Pose! Films, is gearing up for the filming of Bite the Hand, written by Tom Murphy. The jagged, hardboiled thriller is about a hitman named Jack (Paul Sieber) who one day decides to walk away from his blood-drenched career. But old connections just won’t die. Jack knows he’s a hitman turned target for rejecting his ex-boss’s proposal to annihilate his client’s (John C. Bailey) family. But he has no idea that the new recruit (Red) is a bloodhound straight from hell with nothing to loose. Daniel Mascarello also co-stars in the tense crime thriller as Kenneth Bayowitz.”

Some background on Blue Lotus Magazine:

“Blue Lotus Magazine is a vibrant brand that defines, represents and celebrates lifestyle, entertainment, trends and people. The publication aim to provide the most engaging, conversant, and diverse mix of editorial topics offered between covers by combining education, information, entertainment and inspiration.

Formerly RawImage Magazine based out of Atlanta, GA, Blue Lotus readership has grown exponentially since its relocation to Washington, D.C., due to it dedicated creative team and expanded coverage. In the last months alone, we had added exciting new sections such as film, entertainment, photography, and charitable causes.”

So be sure to check these awesome journalists out! We really appreciate their support and will hopefully work with them to produce another behind the scenes story about our film for future articles of the magazine! They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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