Casting Announcements

Today is a very special day for us: We are proudly announcing the casting of TWO of the major roles for our hitman drama, Bite the Hand. The actors for both Kenneth Bayowitz and Mr. Client have been LOCKED!


Daniel Lee Mascarello as Kenneth Bayowitz

Kenneth Bayowitz, an assassin with almost no morals. He might look pretty normal, but underneath is something that our man Jack would say is just wrong.

Daniel Mascarello has been in both Ninjas vs. Vampires as the monstrous master killer Manson, and Ninjas vs. Zombies as the lazily yet heroic Fitz, both for Endlight Entertainment.  He has performed fight choreography and stunt work for both films, and is a highly trained martial artist. We are more than happy to have this strong presence, both emotionally and physically, on board with us in front of and behind the camera!

John C. Bailey as Mr. Client

Mr. Client is a man with money but doesn’t know the value of human life. The Client hired Jack through his handler to do some dirty work. When Jack refused, the Client not only hired someone else to finish the job, but also took this as a personal insult.

John C. Bailey has performed in various film, stage and television projects, including the upcoming Garden of Hedon and the terrifying Fear of Clowns 2, both for Kangas Kahn Films. He has also been in various episodes of America’s Most Wanted, and has portrayed Rush Limbaugh in a pilot called “Power”, created for Starz. His room-filling presence and years of experience and talent will be a great help to us both in front of and behind the camera, and we are incredibly proud to welcome him on board!

We find ourselves more than fortunate to be blessed with such excellent talent in our film!

And of course you’ve already met our JACK, played by Paul R. Sieber, You may remember Paul from such films as Ninjas vs. Vampires, Garden of Hedon, and Jebediah.

Be sure to read more about these guys on our Cast and Crew page. They’ll all be facing off against each other in BITE THE HAND– coming soon from STRIKE A POSE!!! Films.

We only have one more major role to fill, and that would be the character Red. The character description is still in our first post. Be sure to check it out!

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