Auditions for Lead Character RED Happening Soon!

In the next couple of weeks we will be holding auditions for our lead character “RED” for the short film BITE THE HAND. Expect them to be sometime during the week of April 4th.

Role includes credit, copy, gas and food, with some possible further compensation TBD.

What we are looking for:


Early to mid 20s, unkempt and desperate, with only a little pride left. Former military, dishonorably discharged. Up and coming hitman who is about to learn a lesson in manners. Can be any ethnicity/race, just must be able to convey a lot of emotions with body language and facial expressions. Military experience not required but might be helpful if you have it. Physicality and firearms training also a plus. Does NOT have red hair.

Some Back Story:
Red is an early to mid 20s former soldier. Disheveled, grungy, and hungry. The only thing he takes care of is his gun. He keeps his head trimmed short, his scar reminding him of his past mistakes. He still wears his military issued jacket, but it has some holes in it from wear and tear. He was dishonorably discharged from duty in Iraq after allowing an enemy to cross his line of fire and detonate an IED that killed the rest of his squad. He doesn’t remember a lot of it, but blames his self entirely for the failure and accepted his punishment without question. He also suffers from PTSD as a result, though how strong it hits him is hard to say. He still gets nerves and shakes from time to time, especially when under stress. Because of this he could never imagine holding down a normal job.

Red represents a mentality of “do or die…but under someone else’s terms”, and doesn’t question the authority that points him like a gun and pulls him like a trigger, regardless of his safety or humanity.

With nothing left to lose, he took the skills he had acquired in the military and shopped them around until he found work in a hit outfit as a low level assassin…

Co-starring Paul Sieber, John C. Bailey, and Daniel Lee Mascarello, the lead actor will be working with some of the best local talent around in a movie shot by one of the best upcoming DPs, Habib Awan. Film will be directed by Dylan Hintz of Strike a Pose!!! Films and will be completed by late June 2011.

Submit your Headshot, Resume and whatever demo materials you’d like to so we can get in contact with you to schedule the audition!

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