Indie Capitol Interviews Bite the Hand Director Dylan Hintz

A few months back I was a guest on Indie Capitol– a local talk show about film makers in the DC/MD/VA area, shot out of Arlington Independent Media in Arlington, VA. The show is directed by Cheryl Brown and hosted by Pamela Nash.

The topics we cover in this episode are Bite the Hand (the short film that WILL be coming soon!), my career as an actor and stuntman, my love for DC area film making, the creation of the DC Stunt Coalition, and Max Action. Be sure to watch the whole thing, like their page on FB, and check out past and future episodes!

Thanks everyone at Indie Capitol for this wonderful opportunity!


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Principle Wrapped

Just this past weekend, Bite the Hand wrapped principle photography!

As a bit of documentation, here’s a breakdown of the schedule we went through to finish this project:

  • 3 Nights Principle Interior Shooting at the main location (third night shorter, second night included an “on the water” shot)
  • 1 Day Shooting in Downtown Silver Spring: Bars, Metro Station, Streets, and a Parking Garage
  • 1 Night Shooting at Gilbert’s Indoor Gun Range in Rockville (thanks for your support, guys!)

The Prop Card- Callahan's Bizniz (Convention Promo Item)


  • 1 Night Shooting at Secondary Location (A second mansion!) for the “final” scene
  • 1 Night returning to main location for exteriors and the Sniper scene
  • 1 Day Shooting the Bayowitz vs. Jack Fight Scene
  • TOTAL: 8 Days Principle with an estimated running time of 20 Minutes or Less (Not cut for festivals)

These shoot days were completed between July 8th and August 21st 2011.

Jay Saunders gearing up for his mission as RED, the would-be Bad Ass Hero

So here’s a stat breakdown factoring in budget and locations:

  • 9 + locations in the film: Originally only 4
  • Expanded cast: Originally 4 cast members expanded to about 12
  • Added production value including a Rolls Royce, more weapons and props than originally planned, an extra “fight scene”, but in sacrifice potentially of a gunfight.
  • Hired a brilliant production coordinator to make sure all of this got done!

    The Wall o' Death- look closely and you might see yourself or someone you love!

  • No major weather conflicts (IE we didn’t get rained out once, in spite of the weather channel saying otherwise.

There’s plenty other more solid information I could include, but I am going to just belay that in favor of getting to rough cutting scenes for our editor to start looking at for post production purposes.

We have a LOT of material to work with, some things were lost, and some things were added.  A great first learning experience for almost all of those involved, and hopefully some of the more veteran cast and crew members had fun too!

On a personal note, I knew I was going to make something again someday. But I never believed BITE THE HAND would be as great as its starting to look. It’s literally been nearly two years since I directed/produced anything narrative¬† and fiction based, and this is the biggest project I have ever done. It was a struggle at times, the stress was crazy, but the footage and results are almost in, and I fully believe in Bite the Hand.

This flick has quite a bit of that movie magic needed to get itself into festivals and, hopefully, put the names out there of some fabulous talents such as:

Jay Saunders, Paul R. Sieber, Daniel Lee Mascarello, John C. Bailey, Brian Dettling, Robert Moroney, W. Tyr Rollins, Delano Walters, Dominique Spencer, Kwame Heade, Allan Kane and Gary Ugarek, and all the other cast members, as well as our fantastic crew (half of which is in the cast!- we don’t mess with that union nonsense in DC!)

Stunt Man Dan- Fight Choreographer, and CREEPY BADGUY EXTRAORDIANAIRE!

Post will hopefully conclude by the end of October. We have pickups, ADR, and editing to complete, among other tasks. For now, we’ll put up a gallery of some images from the final day of shooting. Please be sure to check out our page on Facebook for more frequent updates, as well as share us with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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Principle Production Begins Today!

It’s official, friends and fans! BITE THE HAND, rain or shine, is going into production today!

Our first three BIG shooting days at our gorgeous location will secure the majority of the script, with the intense cat-and-mouse gunfight and dialogue battle between JACK (Paul R. Sieber) and RED (Jay Saunders) figuring into the movie as our dramatic centerpieces!


And now for my long-awaited pump up speech for the cast and crew:



It’s been a long, long, and arduous road. When Cinematographer Habib Awan and I became friends on the set of the long-lost horror movie “The Graveyard”, we discussed the potential of shooting a short. We had no idea at the time what that goal would turn into:

  • A movie with a budget bigger than my bank account (not hard to do, admittedly!)
  • PROFESSIONAL, Awesome, and well-known (and loved!) actors!
  • An incredible main location and high-end production values!
  • A ton of community and fan support!
  • The ever increasing adrenaline rush as a result of panic and dictatorial authority!

This is the first website for a movie such as this from Strike a Pose!!! Films as well as Habib’s own production company. Something bigger than my usual backyard mini-dv flick. We’re putting real money where our mouths are. We never gave up, and our loved ones and friends opened up to us and offered us never-ending support.

I never thought things would go this well, so something is bound to slip up- but whatever! With our cast, crew, and gear at the ready, I know we are going to face any challenge that comes our way, and then take our original ideas to even greater heights!

It’s all in the details, folks. We’ve got a ton. I assure you- this project will be one to watch! Because even if we just put the two incredible leads in a room and shot from one angle, it’d be a pretty fun and intense ride. But we’ve got so much more- great lighting and sound gear from dedicate friends and colleagues, not to mention people that know how to use them, inspirational speeches from local mentors, some really great original props, and a heck of a lot of fiya-powah both in front of and behind the screen.

So thank you, all the contributors, all the fans, all the teachers, all my family (and especially my girl!), all my friend’s families, all of our crew, all of our cast, and the supportive location owner’s we’ve been fortunate enough to meet! We couldn’t have done this without you, and no matter what happens past this point, I am so unbelievably proud that Habib and everyone else I’ve worked with have come this far. I’d be satisfied even if our cars kerploaded on the way down to the shoot and we didn’t get a single thing done! Hey- at least we got the teaser…at least we got that. Oh- and our completely-raised-and-then-some IndieGoGo budget!

One last group of people I’d like to thank: They Naysayers. “It’s too hard. It’s too time consuming. You’ll go broke. What’s the point? You don’t have any idea what you’re getting into. Our movie was a nightmare, why would you bother?”

Why am I bothering? I’ll tell you why- because right now, at this time, this is what I’m supposed to do. This is my life. We set out to do something, and up until now we did IT. We will do IT. It feels right. It is right, and it’s brought me some of the happiest memories and successes on a personal level I’ve ever felt. Some fantastic new professional relationships I’ve never thought I’d gain. An incredible journey wherein I’ve met icons, heroes, and legends. And all I want to do from here on out is spread that feeling to everyone I know, and those who will work with me, both ahead of and behind me in my career.

Whatever happens from here on out- the last 8 months of planning and production were worth it.

Now, let’s make a movie!

~Dylan Hintz- Director of BITE THE HAND

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Cast Crew and Production Updates

Hey Fans of BTH! Only a little over a week until production, and we’ve got some HUGE updates to announce!

First off, I’d like to make a big, big announcement of the executive variety: Bite the Hand now officially has a second Executive Producer, one Mr. Scott Torwalt, who has provided us with some key funds via our IndieGoGo fundraiser. Scott is the owner of Last Ride Digital Video, and the mastermind behind the upcoming independent film and vignette series “ARCH-ANGEL“, costarring our lead Paul Sieber in a demonic, villainous role!

So please check out his project via it’s website and Facebook page! We know it’s going to be awesome!

In the mean time, one of our biggest announcements yet: Wanna see the location we’ve chosen to host BITE THE HAND? Check this promotional image out!

We can’t show you more than that for now, but believe you me- the interior is just as gorgeous, if not more so than the interior. Should be a fun place for Jack and Red to have their intense gun-battle in!

Thanks to Scott and various other donators, we have, with over a week to spare, REACHED OUR GOAL FOR OUR INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISER! We can always use more, (and have 4 days left!) but thanks to everyone who has donated their funds to help ensure our project reaches it’s max potential! In fact, we’ve already exceeded it by 35 dollars!

Because we’ve been adding some new scenes, three incredible talents have been offered to join the cast,¬† as a small gang that will harass and bully our lead, RED in an early scene, only to piss off the ex-soldier and find that his bite might be worse than his bark! The cast and crew welcomes Delano Walters, Kelvin Page, and Dominique Spencer!

We are still looking for a “Trophy Wife” character (needed by next Tuesday) to shoot one additional scene, as well as provide a lovely face for a family portrait! We also need a 6-10 year old girl to play one of the daughters.

Also, we have bulked up the power behind our crew: Local legendary producer ROBERT ZIEGLER (Garden of Hedon, Jebediah) has joined the crew as a production coordinator/consultant to make sure this project kicks serious ass! (That is to say, on time, and with minimal hiccups!)


Finally, we should happily announce some of our newest sponsors to our Fundraiser:

Delano Walters, Carole Hachem (Associate Producer!), Erika Walters, The McClung Family, Kelcy Adamec, and local screenwriter Mitch Klein have all chipped in to help ensure we reached our budget on time! Couldn’t have done it without the support, guys and girls!

One last note: if you haven’t checked it out yet, we released another teaser video, originally exclusive to IndieGoGo fans, demonstrating a new piece of equipment our stunt coordinator Dan Mascot Mascarello has been working on for us:

Alright fans, time’s up on this blogpost! Now it’s time for the cast and crew to break a leg and get this movie made for you!

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New Characters and New Portraits

Hey fans of Bite the Hand!

Your director is here to dish out some more teaser and promotional stills to check out in association with our project.

After giving these bad boys a look, don’t you think our project could be pretty bad ass? I do, and if you agree with us, head on over to our IndieGoGo page to see how you can help support this awesome project!


We’ve got some new characters to introduce: Our new gunsmiths Rob Moroney and Brian Dettling.

Rob Moroney (LEFT), a local standup comedian and all around good guy, jumped on our promotional fundraiser wagon and donated an ample portion to secure his place as a Co-Producer on BITE THE HAND.

Brian (RIGHT), who is already doing so much for us as Weapons and Property Master from Stage Armament Solutions, has provided us also with some funds and have worked his way into the credits also as an Associate Producer. The much deserved walk-on roles are just the tip of their compensation, but believe you me- it really benefits us as we know these guys will add a moment of comic relief to a very dark and brutal project!
I also should announce our visual effects will now be handled by Joel Loukus, who I had the pleasure of working with on a new web series called THE BRIDGE. Be sure to check it out on it’s Vimeo Channel and Facebook Page!

Our official production date will be announced soon. Expect to see some behind-the-scenes videos and pictures coming soon as well!

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IndieGoGo Fundraiser is Live!

So it’s taken us some time, but we’ve finally started our own IndieGoGo account for BITE THE HAND. Our estimated budget? $5,000 US. For a short film of this caliber, that’s really not that much. We’ve already raised $1,500 from a small handful of investors, and that’s paid for the majority of our equipment, but now we need YOU the fans to help out with the basic expenses: Food, Gas, Travel and Lodging, Locations, and Practical Effects Props such as breakable items (furniture) or stunt works like body-burns and high falls.

Click the Image to Find the Campaign!

We are offering perks for the first 100 or so donators: anything from DVDs, to Posters, T-Shirts, walk on roles, and IMDB credits! 10% of profits or exceeded budget goes to charity, and everything else will be used to fund this film and other future projects for this crew!

Please feel free to share the drive with others! We have until July 3rd to raise what we need, but if we don’t get it all it will STILL be mega-helpful in our quest towards making an incredible short film! Thanks!


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Official Teaser and Casting Announcement

Tonight we have a very special treat for our growing fan-base of BITE THE HAND!

We have an official teaser for you all to view! We hope you enjoy. Please share with friends and fans of independent film in the DC area!

Now, as you have seen from the teaser, we have no reason not to announce the fantastically opportune casting of:


Jay’s audition brought a lot of different elements to the table. We’ll be sure to post some behind-the-scenes stuff in the near future, but for now check out the photos of him in character as RED and send him a high-five through the internet! Out of an extremely difficult casting process, we were very excited to receive the Ninjas Vs. Vampires star as one of our lead actors!

Special thanks also go to two more awesome additions to the crew: Jake Weeks as audio engineer and Joel Loukus of APSIS as VFX guru. Without these two guys, the teaser would not be anywhere near as awesome as it’s concept promised to be by rising DP Habib Awan. We hope you agree that it delivers!

Thank you all for your continued support! Be sure to keep up with us on the Facebook Pages! Also be sure to find and favorite the new Strike a Pose!!! Films Fan Page on Facebook and follow Bite the Hand on Twitter.

a Promotional Still from Jay’s Audition!

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Teaser Test and Promo Pictures!

Hey Fans!

“BITE THE HAND” is still alive and kicking, and we’ve got some tight updates for you all to check out, including demo footage of our upcoming teaser, and some promo shots of our actors in costume and character!

Check it out!

Also be sure to see our demo-footage of the teaser we’re shooting for the movie, starring director Dylan Hintz and AC James McClung! The official teaser and announcement of RED will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

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BTH in the Press: Blue Lotus Magazine

Recently our little Indy film was featured in DC pop culture magazine and internet site BLUE LOTUS MAGAZINE. Not even finished with pre-production, Blue Lotus took interest in our film, came to us and asked if they could share our movie with the world. We definitely appreciate their support!

They also have provided us with a promotional article and a wonderful new synopsis of our own story, which we’d love to share with you:

“Strike a Pose! Films, is gearing up for the filming of Bite the Hand, written by Tom Murphy. The jagged, hardboiled thriller is about a hitman named Jack (Paul Sieber) who one day decides to walk away from his blood-drenched career. But old connections just won’t die. Jack knows he’s a hitman turned target for rejecting his ex-boss’s proposal to annihilate his client’s (John C. Bailey) family. But he has no idea that the new recruit (Red) is a bloodhound straight from hell with nothing to loose. Daniel Mascarello also co-stars in the tense crime thriller as Kenneth Bayowitz.”

Some background on Blue Lotus Magazine:

“Blue Lotus Magazine is a vibrant brand that defines, represents and celebrates lifestyle, entertainment, trends and people. The publication aim to provide the most engaging, conversant, and diverse mix of editorial topics offered between covers by combining education, information, entertainment and inspiration.

Formerly RawImage Magazine based out of Atlanta, GA, Blue Lotus readership has grown exponentially since its relocation to Washington, D.C., due to it dedicated creative team and expanded coverage. In the last months alone, we had added exciting new sections such as film, entertainment, photography, and charitable causes.”

So be sure to check these awesome journalists out! We really appreciate their support and will hopefully work with them to produce another behind the scenes story about our film for future articles of the magazine! They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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Lighting Tests and Upcoming Auditions

Just earlier this week, Habib, James McClung and I conducted some lighting tests with the Canon 7D DSLR to see what kind of cinematography techniques we wanted to use in BITE THE HAND. Habib threw together the footage and did some post, so here’s the results:

Light Scheme/Color Correction Test for “Bite The Hand” from Habib Awan on Vimeo.

Hopefully you can see we’re going for some dark, noirish tones to compliment the material. It’s simple stuff so far, but we intend to make our actors look good.

Speaking of actors, our auditions for the role of RED are happening at the end of this week! Most of the emails have already been sent out, but if you’re still looking to apply, just shoot us an email with your headshot and resume to get the info! We look forward to seeing what you got!

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